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From Dog Lovers to Dog Lovers

High Point K9 Center was conceived as being a place where we can address the total dog.  We are professionals and believe that every dog is an individual.  We don't believe in "cookie cutter" training.  We also believe that everything plays a part in our dogs well being.  Training, Nutrition, and Health practices all play a role in shaping our dogs.  Our success is your success and in order to achieve success, we feel that 2 way communication between us is absolutely vital.

We approach each dog by first trying to understand the breed, gathering the dog's history, and understanding that successful communication is the foundation of the relationship between owner and dog.  We use a variety of techniques and understand how nutrition and health play their role in giving your dog the best opportunity to succeed in whatever activities and lifestyle you envision for you and your dog.  Training is not just about discipline, it is only a part of building a relationship with your dog. 

We are a community of professionals who are animal lovers with many years of experience and volumes of knowledge that we love to share. 

We can assist you with Nutritional consulting, Behavioral issues, Conditioning as well as training in many disciplines.  All of us here at High Point K9 Center are professionals with many years of experience and the credentials to go along with that experience.

We hope to see you soon.

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